Sunday, 25 November 2012

Old render and UPDATE!

An old 3DS Max render from way back in the day.

Bulbs, Bolts n` Plugs

BTW here is a new project I`m working on, I`m going to call it... The medical  bay.
The Medical Bay

 I started modeling this in 3DS Max a little while ago, this scene features an operating table and some bio-chambers(as I like to call them). The scene also has a center console, textures coming soon.
Andrew Heisz

Flash Tutorial: Brush Duplicate

 In this flash tutorial I`ve shown you how I took some basic brush strokes and then replicated them into a nice looking texture. Taking a somewhat dull looking castle/tower and gave it some depth and texture. So go have a look at my youtube channel.

-Andrew Heisz


  Hello and welcome to CG Lot. This blog is intended to be some what of a portfolio for myself along with an animators resource. I plan to update frequently with tutorials and other materials. I will be posting tutorials for 3DS Max and Macromedia Flash 8, but I`m sure the techniques I will be demonstrating can be used in all versions. Anyway all in all, I`m going to be posting stuff here. So come check it out.

Andrew Heisz