Monday, 3 December 2012

Katana and Headphones

Katana & Headphones

Here are a few 3DS Max models I made a little while back for a modeling contest. The first is a high-poly model of a sword, or the katana. Then the second is a high-poly model of a pair of headphones.

Katana: Beauty Render

On this model I really tried to focus on making the collar(FUCHI) as detailed as possible, mainly because I wasn't going to get a lot of detail out of the other aspect of the model. I was just going to use a displacement map for the handle, with a
bump and a displacement map to add texture. But I just decided to model the handle and the wrappings seperate and then combine them together.

All in all though I thought the model turned out great. The renders were smooth, the collar was well made, the only really problems were with the ornaments on the sheeth. As you can see from the render from the back view, the ornnament were the blade slides in is not very well attached.


Older model of a pair of headphones I made when I was younger. But thats the reason why I have missing images incase you're wondering.
   But anyway, later on today hopefully I can get online to upload an animation I've been working on and a tutorial I did the other night. But thats it for now, I'll definatly be online tomorrow to post some new content, especially some of the Adobe Flash stuff I've been working on.
Andrew Heisz