Saturday, 4 May 2013


CGSociety: CGWorkshops

"Since 2004, CGWorkshops has delivered the best in online CG training. We work in partnership with instructors, who are experts in the game and film industries. Together, we deliver high-end content and direct feedback to students."

Julian Lancaster
CGWorkshop: Environment Design For Games with Simon Scales

Jonathan Lam
Photoreal Matte Painting Part 1 with David Luong
Marcelo Prado
High-End Fantasy Game Art Creation with Katon Callaway

Barry Gelderblom
Look development and Image based Lighting Fundamentals with Noah Vice

Mauro D'Elia Matheus
CGWorkshop: Concept Sculpting and Maquettes with Bryan Wynia

Hey everyone, just wanted to post on CGSociety's Workshops. You have to pay for them but they're probably going to be one of the best way a beginner at 3D animation to learn the craft.

They have a wide variety 'of workshops that range from beginner to advanced. It all takes place in a private forum enviroment with about 35 "students" along with an instructor going over the basics and showing you video tutorials. After the tutorials are viewed you get an asssignment to complete with a deadline along with some personal time with the instructor.

Remeber these instructors aren't just some mindless bot monitoring the forum, but a professional who has been in the industry for years, and probably worked on some of your favourite titles for your video game systems or the movies you kick back and watch in the evening. So with the CGWorkshop you can be assured you are getting quality advice and the best techinques that would take years to figure out through self teaching.

So if your're new to all of this check out the CGWorkshops, to get more information follow this link...

Del Melchionda
CGWorkshop: Becoming a Better Artist with Rob Chang