Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Some good progress today...

O.k so today all of my animation resources are almost done for the new work. I've completed the bedroom and now I'm going to move on to the exterior scene tomorrow as well as the character resources needed to complete this thing. See when I create something like this, I believe it's necessary to stay organized or else things can get really sloppy really fast. So to explain my process a little bit before I actually move onto animating, I like to get everything I need for the animation before hand. This can make things a whole lot easier. Some will agree some won't. I know guys that create things on the fly and still get the job done, this is just my process. I've done it the other way before, where I'll draw things as I need them but I don't really like doing it that way. I'm kinda OCD in the way I make things and like them to be neat and tidy. Sometimes this isn't possible or worth it but in this case thats the way I'm going to try and keep it. Anyway that all for today!

New animation progress...

Well here another drawing for the new animation. Drawn with a mouse.

Again not much, but I just thought I'd share anyway!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New animation.

Hey everyone,
just started working on a new animation. Heres a frame!

Not really much to look at so far but below I'll include the storyboard for the new work. Basically its about being inspired and it will illustrate all the things the main character does to get ideas. Wither they're successful or not you have to see, but I plan on turning it into a few animation and maybe a small web comic...Who knows!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Hanging Man WIP and Others

Hey everyone, just a small update here. I haven't been doing anything lately, mainly just sitting on my ass playing video games. Squandering talent as usual. But anyway here something I just started working on.

The Hanging Man

Friday, 20 March 2015

Happy Birthday Odin!

I drew this today for a young man who needs all the birthday wishes he can get! Happy birthday Odin!

If the family could get in touch with me I would love to mail this to them when it's fully completed!

More on the story here: