Saturday, 6 December 2014

Trying to wake up...

Hey guys, pure article here. How many time have you guys woken up in the morning only to realize you don't want to do fuck all. This seems to happen to me quite often and then I usually find myself trying to get motivated or searching forever to find a song that I want to listen to or just generally fuckin around.

Some people wake up in the morning get their coffee and away they go. Not me, I usually find as I progress throughout the day I'll become more productive. Where-as some people will get up and be complete motivated in the morning.

I can usually write and do some small tasks in the morning, nothing to big. And I mean its takes me about 30 to 40 minutes to get out of that groggy state. But I guess that's where coffee comes into play, but that shit makes me to anxious, so I generally gravitate towards tea. Especially green tea.

L-theanine and the caffeine in the green tea is really good for fighting depression and has a synergistic effect. Like for example some who get anxiety from drinking coffee would probably enjoy green tea a lot more just due to that synergistic effect. 

Some of you probably would agree with this just because it can be addictive, but one of the best way to get motivated in the morning is about 100mg of codeine with 100mg of caffeine. Take note, this is only a short term fix, and most that use the cocktail will drink it later on in the evening(Helps you through the night). Another synergistic effect, mainly because the codeine is an opiate. But yeah I know not many people are into that stuff, but to each his own....

But to be completely honest keeping your body clean and healthy is thee best way to stay motivated. Proper diet and various supplements(Long term fix) can go a long way compared to something like a codeine cocktail(short term fix). But yeah, do what you need to do to keep that content flowing!